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Caboolture Gas fitter

When choosing a Caboolture gas fitter, they should be qualified, well priced and great at their job. The Cini Plumbing & Gas team are not only are great at their job, they offer extremely helpful advice for you to know exactly what’s happening with the gas throughout your home.

Gas Appliances

Caboolture Gas FitterUsing gas appliances in your home requires a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to safety. Cini Plumbing advises 2 things that will keep you safe in your home. Firstly, reading your gas appliance owner’s manual is a great idea. However, if you don’t have the patience or time to read it, you need to know one important thing. If you smell gas, there is either a part of your appliance that’s on or you have a gas leak. If you have left it on, simply turn it off to avoid your home filling with gas. However, if you have a gas leak, you’ll need to know the second thing Cini Plumbing want’s you to know. Regular services will ensure that you and your family are safe from gas leaks and harmful fumes. Cini Plumbing can fit, fix and repair any of your gas pipes and appliances in this case and service your gas regularly.

Gas Installation and Safety

Gas to your home is an amazing luxury that a lot of places around the world do have. However, it does come with safe concerns that Cini Plumbing know how to counter to make you home safe from leaks and high pressures. They will install 3 things to keep your home safe. A good Caboolture gas fitter will install a district regulating station, a service regulator and meter regulator.

The district regulating station (DRS) will reduce the pressure from the gas outlet to your home from 19 bar to 4 bar, lowering the overall pressure to your home.

The service regulator (SR) is used to reduce the pressure around your home from 4 bar to 0.1 bar to make sure that gas is evenly distributed throughout your home but under dangerous levels.

A Meter Regulator (MR) drops the pressure even further to your kitchen to give you the safest possible level to use with your stove and oven.

When you need a great Caboolture gas fitter, Call Cini Plumbing to be safe and cook safely.